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Ice Ice Baby! Sustainably packaged with Styropor® Ccycled® by BASF - Imballaggi Alimentari launches Remaxigel box made of Styropor® Ccycled®.

The Italian based company Imballaggi Alimentari, specialized in the production of ice cream packaging, has launched the Remaxigel boxes made of Styropor® Ccycled®. The boxes made of EPS (expandable polystyrene) boast excellent performance and were primarily designed for artisanal ice-cream shops

foto-2 Re-Maxigel -ImballaggiAlimentari

Melting ice-cream is history: Remaxigel boxes made of EPS impress with excellent insulating performance

Where a packaging material with extra-high insulating properties is required, expandable polystyrene, or EPS for short, is the material of choice. Packaging made of EPS offers the best insulation of all common packaging materials. Sensitive products such as meat, fish or ice-cream can be kept at a constant five degrees Celsius with packaging made of Styropor® - and that for more than 72 hours! They are also particularly moisture-resistant, which prevents the spread of bacteria, mold and fungi.

“Our secret is always looking ahead. We are already working with BASF to develop a new inner shell for the tray, from recycled materials with the aim of delivering an even more sustainable Remaxigel version that meets the high requirements for food contact” - Michele Dell’Avanzato, R&D Manager Imballaggi Alimentari Srl.

Equally efficient as sustainable: Styropor® Ccycled®

With the development of Imballaggi Alimentari's new Remaxigel thermobox, made from BASF's Styropor® Ccycled®, the transport of ice-cream is not only particularly efficient, but also sustainable. The fossil raw materials needed to produce the Styropor® Ccycled® are replaced by pyrolysis oil. Where does it come from? The pyrolysis oil used for the production of the new packaging is supplied to BASF by technology partners who carry out the chemical recycling of mixed plastic waste that would otherwise be used for energy recovery or simply disposed of in the landfill. Since recycled and fossil raw materials are mixed in BASF's interconnected production network and cannot be distinguished from each other, the recycled portion is attributed to Styropor® Ccycled® using a mass balance approach. Compared to conventional Styropor®, the production of packaging made from Styropor® Ccycled® produces 50% fewer CO2 emissions with the same quality and performance.


And that effort pays off: The Remaxigel boxes received the ReMade in Italy® certificate, which combines respect for the environment with the classic Made in Italy®.

“Our commitment is to make the Styropor® supply chain increasingly circular. BASF has been the inventor of the traditional EPS over 70 years ago. Today, thanks to our constant commitment to R&D, we can offer our customers a more sustainable version of the traditional product as part of our global climate protection efforts” - Gregor Haverkemper, Head of Marketing Styrenic Foams BASF.