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Styropor® - the classic

Styropor®, an expandable polystyrene (EPS) was invented by BASF in 1951 and today is a classic among the raw materials employed for cost-effective con­struction as well as efficient and reliable packaging. These granules translate into a constant high quality of the products and business processes. With its worldwide production sites, BASF stands for proximity to customers, delivery reliability as well as advanced technical support.


  • excellent thermal insulation capacity
  • high compressive strength
  • outstanding impact absorption
  • low weight
  • imperviousness to moisture


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Styropor® ‒ Efficient Packaging and Economical Construction

BASF produces the material Styropor® which is processed by foam manufacturers into insulation materials for a wide range of applications. Styropor® stands for efficient construction and good shock absorption.

Despite their lightness, Styropor® products offer high stability and are therefore particularly suitable for packaging of technical applications or food.

The uniformly high and controlled quality of the raw material ensures trouble-free manufacturing. Our EPS experts consult and support you, for example, in the fields of processing technology, and applications.

Reducing COwith packaging made of Styropor® BMB

If the packaging for 1,000 washing machines were made of Styropor® BMB, the CO2 reduction would be equivalent to that emitted by a car driving further than 10,000 km, compared with standard Styropor®.